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The marketers code community

marketers code. community exists to create a space to support and help marketers transform their data literacy skills through coding. We do this by bringing people together to chat and share ideas around automation, tools and hands on skills.

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marketers code. has helped marketers in some of the worlds most successful businesses level-up their skills with Python.

Why join the community?

Marketers need to adopt a new way of thinking. A way of thinking, that decades ago, was adopted by the biggest ad platforms and online retailers in the world. That way of thinking is, lots of data in one place mixed with lots of automation.

This commnity exists to foster a generation of marketers that want to achieve this vision.

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To create a open, friendly and useful community we’ve created some rules to help support everyone’s growth and learning.

Patience and kindness are necessary, not optional
Help others and share helpful resources and information
Ask questions and always be open to advice

Join the community

If what you’ve read has ressonated with you then join we’d love to have you onboard.
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